Elle in La Voix Humaine at Rioja Forum, SPAIN

TV Interview in Spain

"The soprano Ashley Bell may well have been the person for whom this opera was written,  for her brilliant suitability to the intense vocalism that Poulenc demands, with a large voice, dark in her low notes and shimmering in her upper register, with a powerful and overwhelming middle voice and furthermore with world class acting that ignited her entire performance with expressiveness.  You might think that an opera with just one female character speaking on the phone with the lover who has left her would be boring, but you have to see how well it works in the hands of a powerful singer and actress like Ashley Bell: it will take your breath away." 

                  - Eduardo Aisa, La Rioja 

Elle in La Voix Humaine in New York Opera Fest

"Vocally, Bell crafted a complex Elle.. it was the tender approach that Bell takes, in effect of her own response to Elle’s mental chaos, that brought this character and entire story to life. Bell’s voice is a landscape of unknown depths, in which she conjured a schizophrenic spectrum that easily navigated Cocteau’s story and Poulenc’s music."

             - Jennifer Pyron, Opera Wire

"Bell has an unusually lush soprano with just the right amount of rich vibrato riding in her songs....Bell uses this tone to range her portrait from a desperate lover’s last conversation to playful flirtation and the offer of her dog as a companionate reminder of past love."

- Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

Elle in La Voix Humaine at Bay Street Theatre

“ Ms. Bell dazzled the Bay Street opera loving audience with perhaps her strongest performance on the Bay Street stage to date. Her emotions, her physical acting augmented her beautiful voice as she exemplified the essence of a lover in suicidal pain over a failed relationship. Hearing and watching Ashley Galvani Bell sing in French seemed to put the audience in a trance of awe of Ms. Bell's talents... Ashley Galvani Bell always delivers a strong and memorable performance and in "La Voix Humaine," she was at the top of her skill set all evening long”

-TJ Clemente, Easthampton Patch

“Saturday night's riveting performance ofLa Voix Humaine/The Human Voice at Bay Street was an artistic triumph..Ashley Galvani Bell sang the operatic version of this show in French. Ms. Bell's exquisite soprano voice, intense facial expressions, and expressive body language made you feel the full depth of this character's despair.. I left the theatre blown away by the extraordinary level of talent that I had just witnessed from this unforgettable production of the classic opera and play La Voix Humaine.”

-Cindi Sansone-Braff, Southampton Patch



Cio Cio San in Madama Butterfly with Mid-Atlantic Opera/New York Opera Collaborative 

"Soprano Ashley Bell wore the role of Cio-Cio San as well as the kimono and tabi she sported. The intensity of her "Un bel di" was shattering and she brought every skill in her armamentarium to bear on her delivery. The remainder of her performance was marked by a bright clear tone, excellent phrasing, and a wide palette of colors. She convinced us as a naive and hopeful 15-year-old, a deluded bride, an angry woman when challenged, and a resolute and noble figure who refuses to live without honor. It was a bit difficult to imagine her motherly feelings without a child present but the colors of her voice did the trick." 

     - Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


Concert in Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City

"Ashley Bell had wonderful technique. Her appoggiaturas were well controlled. Unfortunately, we live in an age when Italianate singing is a rare gift. This is a skill Miss Bell certainly possessed....Her voice was a glove-like fit for 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' from The Phantom of the Opera and her performance of Entrada de Cecilia Valdes. Here, every facet of her voice and her magnificently coquettish acting brought a complete performance to fruition..."

-  Gregory Moomjy, Music and Visions

Anna in Catalini's Loreley with Teatro Grattacielo

Soprano Ashley Bell gave a poignant, vulnerable performance as the embittered Anna.

- Arlo McKinnon,OPERA NEWS

Dolores in La Dolorosa with La Rioja Lirica

"Soprano Ashley Bell has a fine full voice that is strong in the lower register and brilliant in the upper register.  She was convincing as the dishonored woman and sang especially well in a glorious duet with Rafael in Act II"

                                                                             - Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


Susanna in Nozze di Figaro with Teatro Lirico D’Europa in Wilmington, NC

“Ashley Bell as Susanna and Melliangee Perez were highly expressive in the letter duet.”

                                                                                         - Barry Salwen, CVNC

Cio Cio San in Madame Butterfly with Townsend Opera (California)

"Ashley Bell playing Madama Butterfly stunned in this woman-driven story.  Bell played her role as faithfully as Butterfly feels it."

                                                                           - Kathryn Ann Casey, Hughson Chronicle

Serpina in vaudeville adaptation of La Serva Padrona Off-Broadway

“A high E-Flat is impressive in and of itself but even more incredible given the soprano is being flung around like a trapeze artist throughout the show. ”

                                                                                       - Columbia Radio News

CLICK HERE FOR  Southampton Press Article, La Serva Padrona

Interview with WMNR Fine Arts Radio host Jeane Eddy


"A truly remarkable lady you will soon discover....and a beautiful voice."  

Musetta in La Bohème at the National Opera Center

Ashley Bell was delightful as Musetta. Of all the singers, she was the most fully off-book, allowing her to devote more energy to the acting dimension of her role. She was charmingly coquettish in the “Quando me’n vo” (aka Musetta’s waltz), and empathetically supportive in Act IV’s conclusion.

         - Arlo McKinnon, OPERA NEWS

Norina in Don Pasquale with Rioja Lirica in Logroño, Spain

"Ashley Bell was unstoppable in her brilliant singing and proved herself a true "stage animal" with her hilarious interpretation of the two sided character of Norina/Sofronia."

                  -Eduardo Aisa, La Rioja 

Donna Anna in Don Giovanni with Divaria Productions 

"Soprano Ashley Galvani Bell made a superb Donna Anna and sang a melting "Non mi dir". Her duet with Mr. Pitts "Fuggi crudele, fuggi" was masterful."

- Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche 

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